Writing Intentionally

Whether it’s spellcraft or poetcraft,
the craft is the intentional word.

The power of language can’t be overstated: it’s how we tempt immortality. Our words will always try to run off and outlive us. Whether it’s oral or written culture, language has a life of its own—and it’s that energy we harness whenever we write. It’s also why the words chosen in spellcraft are so important: they invite what you know you mean and leave the rest.

Ernest Hemingway is often attributed the quote, “Write drunk, edit sober,” but he didn’t actually write drunk. I like to think this quote resonates because it speaks to truth: write with the heart, then edit with the head. Write freely, edit cleanly.

I can help you find your voice to write for your upcoming spell – or for whatever you want to write! I know techniques to overcome writer’s block and also to help with idea generation and/or to help workshop pieces you’ve started. Let me help you find the language you want to express your intentions. I can also be commissioned to write for you based on what you need.

Up to 1 page of commissioned writing with 1 round of edits is $50 USD.
Additional written pages are $40 USD each. Additional edit rounds are $15 USD each.

1 class is 1 hour long, held through Google Meet video, and costs $50 USD.

I accept payment via PayPal only at this time.

“Every time you write, you’re making something from nothing. Don’t be harsh with yourself: you’re working in the realm of gods.

— Moana Sky

Let’s write together!

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