Māori nonbinary witch and teacher
specializing in native Aotearoa mythology,
tarot divination spreads, and the art of
the intentional word.

Karitāne, Aotearoa (New Zealand).

I love teaching, so my priority is to find the way you learn best. I don’t mind how much you do or don’t know on the topic; everyone learns differently. I meet you where you are and find the way that helps you understand the topic and learn to the degree you desire. Compassionate learning is important to me.


I am currently open to taking on new students and projects. If you want to connect, please get in touch. I’m also currently teaching online group classes with Catland Books.

→ Māori Mythology

Sharing native insights internationally.

→ Tarot Divination

A future look changes the present.

→ Spell Writing

The pen is mightier than the sword.

10 years
of experience

A world-traveler, published poet, and artist of many trades, Moana anchors each intentional interaction with the spiritual lived awareness of their life. She loves helping people soften into themselves and the present moment.

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