Music Commissions

Music is the soundtrack to our lives; it makes memories and moments feel alive.

If you’re looking to give your religious workings extra depth, or if you want to commemorate a special occasion, or if you just want to brighten someone’s day, then a unique, original song is just the thing. Music is its own magic that transcends bodies and unites us in a time or a feeling.

I like music that brings you into the present moment more fully by creating a harmonic version of that moment to escape into, like accessing a heightened version of the present. I specialize in music influenced by folk, indie, jazz, soul, and alternative rock.

I can help you write a song or chant for a spell, or you can commission me to write one to suit your needs. I can also teach you how to write your own songs, or to play guitar or ukulele. I love teaching people new ways to make noise and feel more confident taking up sonic space.

1 song up to 5 minutes in length, including 1 round of edits, is $80 USD.
Additional rounds of edits to the song are $25 USD each.

1 class is 30 minutes long, held through Google Meet video, and costs $30 USD.
You’re welcome to book as many classes as needed.

I accept payment via PayPal only at this time.

“Music is central to Māori culture: our songs are our history, teaching tools, and literal maps.”

— Moana Sky

Would you like a song written for you?

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