About Moana

An indigenous Māori nonbinary witch and teacher from Aotearoa (also known as New Zealand).

As a member of the Māori community, I was born to a legacy of fighting for the survival of our identity. My people weren’t conquered by the British, but were taken advantage of through contracts that were meant to bring resources to our islands just shy of 200 years ago. Since then, my people have endured extensive attempts at assimilation and the attempted eradication of our culture and language. Everything I know, I owe to the oral history of Māori communities and ongoing language and cultural revitalization movements. I want to do my part to help myself, my family, and my culture survive in this colonized landscape.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel internationally and share what I know with people across the world, especially with the increased availability of online teaching opportunities. While I love sharing Māori culture, I also teach a lot of my other passions, too! I love reading tarot and helping people find their pathways forward through intuitive spreads. I love music, so it makes me so happy to teach guitar to folks of any experience level—or to write songs for any occasion! I’m a published poet and love to help people break through their writing blocks to craft spells, lyrics, poems, and more.

Honestly, I have half a million hobbies and a mind that won’t quit, so I’m happy to share my knowledge of most anything with people who want to learn it. I’m also incredibly experienced in crochet, photography, and shibari. I like to create a safe learning environment for curious people of all levels and experiences!

If I had to live my life again, I’d make
the same mistakes, only sooner.

— Tallulah Bankhead

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